It’s not just for pirates!
A rum tasting odyssey, pirate style.

Hobgoblins ahoy! Right now at the AHOI Restaurant Sankt Pauli, you can embark on an enjoyable voyage through the fascinating world of the pirates’ tipple. Four tasting experiences allow you to sample, at your leisure, six complex varieties of rum made in various parts of the globe. Try rums from South America, the Caribbean, Germany, India, Australia and the Philippines. Not only will you learn all sorts about this soon-to-be-fashionable drink, you will be surprised by the myriad flavours of a spirit more than 300 years old.


Our expert talks rum

Ever wondered what makes a really good rum? Want to know why one variety is white and others have a brownish colour? No problem: during the tasting session, our rum professional will provide all kinds of background information on the production, storage and maturing of rum. You will also learn some fascinating facts on the history of rum, how to enjoy rum properly and the important details that appear on the label of any rum bottle. Ask him anything you ever wanted to know about rum – or just sit back and listen.


Tasting Levels

Whether you are a complete rum novice or a long-standing rum aficionado, simply book the right tasting experience for you. The types of rum offered differ across the tasting sessions, with the quality and price bracket of the varieties increasing level by level. Accordingly, level 1 presents good quality ‘standard’ rums while level 4 serves especially fine, premium brands of rum that can cost several hundred euros per bottle.

Level 1:  Ordinary Seaman

The tasting level for those new to rum who wish to discover the wonderfully diverse world of rum. Come aboard and sample six interesting varieties – which are definitely not the usual brands.

Price: €49.00 per person

Level 2: Petty Officer

To qualify as a Petty Officer, you first need some experience of the world of rum – and the courage to sample outstanding vintages up to 18 years old from across the seven seas. The quality of the level 2 rums will take you by surprise.

Price: €69.00 per person

Level 3: Captain

Are you a true fan and connoisseur of this exciting spirit who would love to sample some venerable rums of outstanding quality? Then treat yourself to an exceptional tasting experience that includes some very expensive varieties with 25 years or more on the clock. After the tasting session, you can also fill up with two north German tapas of your choice.

Price: €99.00 per person

Level 4: Admiral

Our highest level for the dedicated rum enthusiasts among you – and for those in search of an exclusive tasting odyssey involving particularly fine rum varieties in the top price bracket. Look forward to some truly excellent, award-winning, peerless rums that are simply heaven for the palate. Once again, two of our delicious north German tapas await after the tasting session.

Price: €149.00 per person


Special bookings for groups

Whether you represent a group of friends with an interest in rum or a company looking to offer its staff an excursion into the world of rum, we offer groups of at least 6 persons (level 4) or 8 persons the chance to book a fully private tasting tour.

What to expect on a rum excursion:

● Sampling of 6 rum varieties (2cl each) from different production regions
● Plenty of bread and water
● Levels 3 & 4: Two delicious north German tapas of your choice after the tasting session
● Ample background information and facts from rum experts
● Number of participants: 6-10 persons
● Length of tasting session: Up to 2 hours
● Minimum age: 18 years


Sign up for a rum adventure!

Send us an email now to register for a rum tasting session. Briefly state your name, phone number (for any enquiries) and the tasting level you would like to book. As soon as we can offer a rum tasting session at the level of your choice, we will get in touch to make sure the date is acceptable to you. We will then send full details of your binding registration, payment, etc. in a separate email.

If you are a group seeking a private rum tasting experience, please let us know as well. We will get back to you as soon as we can.



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